“Attempts” to Tackle VAT Carousel Fraud

I have found several links to reports on the effect of carousel fraud over the past 12 years or so. How interesting that whilst there is plenty of hot air about combating it, very little has been done to eradicate what is, on the surface, damaging to the UK exchequer.

The Guardian in 2002. Written by James Oliver.

The Economist in 2006, referring to 2002.

The Guardian in 2007. Laundering the proceeds of VAT Carousel Fraud in 2007.

Financial Times in 2009.

Carbon Trading Fraud in 2010.

Carbon Trading Fraud in 2012 in The Daily Mail.

BDO in 2013.

£28m Phone Fraud in 2014

As I have asked previously, where has all the money gone? Not the few millions for flashy cars and high living, but the real money? The billions. Why do all the trials involve such large number of Public Interest Immunity hearings? Why are so many of the individuals named in unused material still at large, still perpetuating frauds years after they were originally detected at lower levels of criminal activity?

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