A New Poem

Sat herded in a metal tube we legion make our way as one

Through towns and fields decked snow and rain

The young, the old, resigned to our fate

Spread sedentary hours away

Together we, yet worlds apart, old thoughts of years divide us more

The windows ours to contemplate

Or inwards glance at darker dreams

Of chances missed, or worse

They see or feel no hint of gloom which emanates from every pore

Wrapped up in youth’s busy confidence

Breath bated, fear abated

Death is not their domain

Irrelevance permeates my very soul from deep within

The time is gone, those days long spent

To recollect is all that wakes

Distant memories

The smile lies just beneath, not wry nor is envy allowed to surface

The invisibility of age hides and is hidden

For they wish us gone

With our world

Autumn’s trees stand bare and wrinkled ‘neath gathering clouds

Nature’s way, demanding pound of flesh

Nostalgia there at every turn

is this all there is?

Hold hands, leading light into the darkness of certainty

Tread careful on the path to the end

Leave not a trace of life lived

For this is all there is

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