To Extradite or Not

Further to the earlier post, I have spent much of the past two weeks researching the Meredith Kercher case. (I recommend you check out the link. There are lots of fast balls for the Knox/Sollecito camp). I do wonder whether one of them will crack soon and try to blame the other. Knox has plenty of form on this tactic.

We must, of course, all await the outcome of the Supreme Court in Italy’s final hearing. Or not, as the case may be. For whatever is endorsed in that hearing is likely to be paid scant regard in the USA. Will the Americans accede to any legitimate request from the Italian Court to have her back and returned to jail in Europe? That may even become an election issue. Who knows? They seem keen to extradite almost anyone to face the courts over there. What will happen when the shoe is on the other bloody foot?

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