“Come and See” Elem Klimov’s 1985 Film about the conflict between true evil and the forgotten.

This short trailer has proved too much for most audiences in the USA. Watch it with caution, but remember it and with luck, you might even watch the movie, which is available on Amazon and now on my Movies page. According to Klimov, the film was so shocking for audiences that ambulances were sometimes called in to take away particularly impressionable viewers, both in the Soviet Union and abroad. During one of the after-the-film discussions, an elderly German stood up and said: “I was a soldier of the Wehrmacht; moreover, an officer of the Wehrmacht. I traveled through all of Poland and Belarus, finally reaching Ukraine. I will testify: everything that is told in this film is the truth. And the most frightening and shameful thing for me is that this film will be seen by my children and grandchildren.” (Quote from Wikipedia)

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