Smashwords and the Google Play Store, (and iTunes, the iBookstore and and and…)

There was I, thinking that this ebook business was going to be easy. Writing the books? Well, that was something else, but this has become quite a task in itself. Did I think I knew it all? Certainly at the age of 15, why yes. After a lifetime of ups and downs, I truly felt I had found my vocation when Koestler gave me the First Prize for Fiction. Right, I thought, the publishing world is ready for me at last and I am indeed ready for it, (or was I ready for IT? Now I am not so sure), so off went the manuscripts to publishers and agents alike. Full marks to William Morris for at least giving it a go, but as for the rest of them, well at least I now know that my work helped to form a large and ever larger pile for the bin men to collect at the end of the week from some of Britain’s most esteemed.

Then along came the ebook. I watched from afar as the world and his wife began to upload their scribblings and clumsy keyboard clutter to the world of the interweb. Then in February of this year, when Wharam was finally let out to play, it began for me. Nothing is going to be easy, I decided, yet nothing had prepared me for the delights of formatting, uploading and the increasing numbers of hoops that one has to jump through, just to get the damned thing up there for friends and family to read.

Thus far, however, so good. Years of eBay have taught me one thing – reviews and ratings count for everything today. One’s efforts/business/life can be made or broken by a few one line critiques, so to all of you out there in lala land, I say this, “Please rate my books”. No, really, I need you to. It is very gratifying to see the book sales creep slowly upwards, but I need you to tell the world about Greed and Right to Live. (Why do I always type Right to Love?) I am working frantically on the remaining eight chapters of the Holocaust novel so that it can be published this winter, so look out for the links.

Back to the grindstone, just as the sun comes out again after hiding for so many days.

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