Day Twelve – Mexico, Uruguay, France, South Africa, Nigeria, Korea, Greece, Argentina

In view of the enormous task which lies ahead, today’s blog will be written in the future, present and past, as there has to be considerable planning. Eight nations to be catered by and just a few short hours in which to accomplish this mammoth task. And no mammoth.

Three Latin American countries gave me the idea to try to make one composite dish, so I elected for some rather excellent beef from Argentina, to be served with Tuco Sauce from Uruguay and refried beans and cheese from Mexico. Let’s see how we get on.

Had some rather nice Nigerian bananas for breakfast and ┬ádiscovered a rather good recipe for banana bread, so if Nigeria get through…

Thank God for tacos and sour cream. That’s lunch sorted out. Might just sneak a quick glass of Chinon from the fridge. One of my favourite ‘little’ wines of France and delicious when served with goat’s cheese and green leaves on a warm summer’s day. Which is what we have. Today.

So we’re left with South Africa, Korea and Greece. I have some splendid taramasalata and houmous available and a Greek salad with the beef would go down rather well. Might just slip some Korean Bibimbap vegetables and rice in and wash it all down with a lovely Steendrift Sauvignon from the Cape. Yep, that’s it!

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