Day Eight – Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, USA, England, Algeria

England’s next foray into the melting pot of South Africa 2010 looked like a meat-fest without equal. Some of Europe’s happiest sausage eaters were on the menu for footie and the BBQ, so it required a little more imagination than I had really planned for. Electing to produce a ‘menu in reverse’ paid off in the end, as I could feel a kind of ‘processed meat deluge’ about to hit CM1.

English asparagus performed very well, along with some hard flavoursome Tilsiter cheese which made a very good alternative to parmiggiano and balsamic vinegar. Bockwurst served with kiseli kupus from Serbia (sauerkraut) and American deli mustard, washed down with Boddingtons’ Bitter were followed by Makroud el Louse almond biscuits, (again!) and Slovenian almond and chocolate bars, served with Eiswein.

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