A Uniform Approach

Not wishing to add just another voice of disgust to the already cacophonous din echoing around the land, I thought I would try to inject a note of calm into the expenses row.Are we that shallow and naive to think that anything being said or done is going to make the slightest difference in the longer term? Normality will resume just as soon as there is another story to excite the journalists’ feeding frenzy. No-one will be prosecuted. No-one is to blame. It’s all someone else’s mistake. Granted, they’re going to need a larger carpet to sweep it all under, but I feel confident that somewhere, a large group of pre-school children are sewing away like mad to meet the demand. How sad. I was not permitted the defence put forward by MPs. Something about ignorance of the law. Yes, that was it. No defence.It would appear that fiddling one’s expenses is a national pastime and certainly not the prerogative of the elected. Be careful throwing those stones.  

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