I am put in mind of the fact that many people use a blog simply as a sounding board for the negative views they hold dear. Perhaps a ranting board, even?

So instead I am going to rejoice in the downfall of yet another corrupt politician; Jacqui Smith. Naturally, Gordon will do the decent thing and send her packing back to Rochdale, (or is it London) and that’ll be that. How heart warming that moment will be. Please let me know when I can stop holding my breath.

A note to those in power – please don’t expect the criminal classes to desist from their activities when you can’t even show them the way. Talk to any habitial criminal in or out of prison and they will tell you the same thing; “It’s one law for them and one law for us…”

About time that was changed.

Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime? Please!

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