Sometimes when I look at you

I wish that we had said I do

Before the chance so fleeting hid

In future now we’ll say we did


The best laid plans of mice and men

Sadly to four winds cast again

But this time when they’ve had their fun

Finally we’ll be as one


The way you tantalise, enthral

Motivation to walk tall

No man has ever been desired

In ways so utterly inspired


Your natural unaffected sense

Of how to make this man immense

To make him finally believe

In what he thought he could achieve


Leave others standing, floundering

Just what it is you’re wondering

You know what deep dark thoughts I crave

Of how on earth you should behave


The finest hidden details shared

By just us two, my soul I’ve bared

Let you in where no-one’s been

Such dark desires lie unseen


You have the power now, my minx

To give me force, perhaps to jinx

But how beautifully we’ve exposed

Innermost secrets juxtaposed


To trust each other above all

Heightens passion, mating call

To give yourself so totally

Obeying unequivocally


 Will ensure lifelong happiness

Fulfilled, obsessive loving bliss

I am yours and yours alone

With passion still not fully grown


Obsession gives us inner depth

Unbending, exquisite, gentle strength

Our love’s protected, seminal

Our tenderness most sensual


Your private wantonness excites

Urges me to greater heights

Pure carnal exclusivity

Shamelessness in secrecy


Love’s sweet surrender long ago

When you promised never to say no

Empowered me to greater need

To pleasure you, always succeed


To own each other is perfection

Now we’ve made our life selection

We surround our love with warm elation

And cross the path to adoration


We’ve made our rules, of what’s allowed

Unto each other we’ve avowed

To worship, idolise, adore

To please the other for evermore


When day dawns finally to wed

And dusk will take us to our bed

Before our married life uncover

Be my wife, but stay my lover


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