Winter Love

Easter love springs hope eternal

Yet coming year could be infernal

Bright new clothes and fluttering hearts

Can sometimes herald doomed false starts


Like budding bush and daffodil

Changing season’s bitter pill

Better bear in mind the cost

It’s often dashed by April frost


When love is born from summer heat

Passions flaming, love tastes sweet

Sea-washed shores and moonlit walks

It’s almost like old Cupid talks


Hands brush close as sun is burning

For torrid passion young loins yearning

Hearts beat fast by June time’s peak

But come the fall the love’s antique


Autumn leaves bring late romance

And don’t they lead a merry dance

Swirling, teasing in such a rush

Soon turn forest floor to mush


Country inns and carpets Persian

Easily create diversion

Come the season of glad tiding

Fickle amour is back in hiding


Yet winter love that’s born in snow

Ignites the passions far below

That is the love of yours and mine

Pray, when’s the day of St Valentine?


Winter love it fades not fast

Though land is swept with icy blast

From deep within our beating hearts

We’ll keep them safe, those angel’s darts





So lovers, seasonal advice

Don’t sunset seek in hasty trice

If true love is your heart’s desire

Wait until they’ve lit the fire


For springtime love can rue the day

When summer love has gone away

And autumn’s flickering candle? Never!

It’s winter love that lasts forever

 The Future Mrs W

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