Day Three – Algeria, Slovenia, Serbia, Ghana, Germany and Australia

Day Three certainly presented something of a challenge, but I believe we were up to it.

The day began with Bratwurst, served with Katoffelsalat, Brotchen and Senf, (sausages, potato salad, rolls and German mustard), served with a rather nice Slovenian Sauvignon/Laski Riesling blend. Swiftly followed by Makroud el Louse – delicious almond biscuits from Algeria, prepared by my wife’s own fair hand. The evening’s fayre gave us barbecued king prawns, minute steaks and Angove Estate Trebbiano followed by Charles Melton Rose of Virginia 2009. Exotic mango fruit salad completed the Ghanaian offering.

Day Two – Greece, Korea, Argentina, Nigeria, ENGLAND, U.S.A.

The great day was upon us. But what to do on the food front? This is what we had, spread over lunch and dinner: Taramasalata, Houmus, Tzatziki with warm Pitta Bread; Korean Gui-Galbi, (wonderful pork ribs); the national dish of England – curry in the form of Chicken Biryani, Chicken Bhuna, Pilau Rice, Onion Bhajis and Nan Bread followed by large helpings of good old Mom’s Apple Pie.

Wines were: Malbec from Rofolfo Sadler (Argentina) and Viognier from the same producer. Beer was by Boddingtons of Manchester.

Day One – South Africa, Mexico , Uruguay, France

The first day of South Africa’s World Cup presented a dilemma – should I go with one nation’s cuisine, or have a stab at the lot? Pontification resulted in the latter and this is what we had; Tortillas with Nacho Cheese and Guacamole, Boerewors sausages marinated in mango sauce, pork medallions with chilli, (barbecued), salad with orange, mango, walnuts and leaves, tomato provencale, baked potatoes.

Profiteroles with cream followed and the wines were: Uruguayan Sauvignon and South African Pinotage.

Tomorrow’s Korean team looks like a challenge!